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What Clients Say About Us:

“The BE consultant was often out on the floor testing solutions with our people. By the end of the assignment our people had already ‘bought in’ to the recommended changes.”
Division Vice President, Textron Corporation

"BE used their expertise in automated material handling to improve productivity in our warehouse. By not having ties to equipment suppliers, they gave us objective solutions.”
Director Manufacturing and Distribution, Moen Incorporated

“They made our employees feel part of the changes made, hence they were proud of the result and progress made. When it comes to manufacturing and warehousing, I’d use BE again.”
Division President, United Technologies, Inc.

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BUSINESS ENGINEERING is a management consulting organization committed to obtaining financial benefits for its clients by improving efficiencies, optimizing resources and reducing costs.

Our Senior Consultants, having held management positions, are familiar with the responsibilities of obtaining outside consulting assistance. They know the commitment on both sides that is involved in the traditional client consultant relationship.

The disciplines of our Senior Consultants cover all aspects of industrial engineering including: Process improvement, facilities planning, lean manufacturing, capacity planning, equipment automation analysis, inventory control, product development and quality management.

To ensure a productive climate, our Senior Consultants, along with process and manufacturing engineers, not only define and study the issues at hand, but also work with the client to implement positive solutions. They develop a relationship based on cooperation, employee participation, and mutual ownership of the recommended solutions.

For more than 35 years BUSINESS ENGINEERING has been providing objective cost-saving solutions to our clients. This is possible because the company does not sell or represent any equipment, software, or contract services in the areas of: accounting, auditing, programming, engineering design, architectural design, or transportation and logistics.

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