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Our Senior Consultants focus on increasing employee productivity to produce more by working smarter, not harder.

Labor Articles:

“Preventing Tantrums in Two Year Old Teams”
Teams are a great way to solve problems but this approach can get stale after awhile. What can you do to breathe life into the process?

“Easy And Affordable Warehouse Fixes to Handle Volume”
Learn how an electronics company improved productivity, reduced overtime, and got through their peak time without extra labor.

“Don’t Let a WMS Derail Your Incentive Plan Concept”
Many warehouses use incentive programs to motivate employees and drive performance. But if you have an incentive plan in place, have you considered how adding a Warehouse Management System can affect this program?

“If You Want to Make Enemies, Try to Change Something”
is a quote from Woodrow Wilson. But, even he would take heart from this article that shows you can teach “old dogs new tricks” in a business.

Why Call Business Engineering?

Do you have customer satisfaction issues?

Do you suspect that employee productivity could be improved, but aren’t sure how?

Is too much overtime expense hurting your bottom line?

We help you
  • Find the cause
  • Correct the cause
  • Implement the solution
  • We quantify the problem with time-tested processes and data.