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BUSINESS ENGINEERING optimizes these resources of your organization:

  • Labor: Focus on increasing employee productivity to produce more by working smarter, not harder.
  • Facilities: Get the most out of each cubic inch of building volume and reap the benefits in reduced overhead.
  • Equipment: Use equipment for the correct application, fit it to the process, and financially justify its purchase; then properly schedule, maintain, and manage it to maximize its productive capacity.
  • Material: Control material efficiently in a manufacturing or distribution process to reduce waste, damage, scrap, and excessive inventory while improving distribution warehouse logistics.
  • Process: Integrate all operations in a manufacturing or distribution process to provide lower cost, shorter cycle time, improved quality, and faster delivery.
  • Product : Improve the product design process to get new products to market faster; then use quality certification and control programs to ensure that these products meet the intended functionality and performance requirements.

Why Call Business Engineering?

Are your manufacturing, distribution or business processes out-of-date and inefficient? Which ones are most suspect?

Do you want to implement Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma, or other major continuous improvement initiatives? Where do you start?

We help you
  • Find the cause
  • Correct the cause
  • Implement the solution
  • We quantify the problem with time-tested processes and data.